Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funny Names

I have had a few nonsense names pop into my head lately.  Thought I would share!

Gurglesnarf, Fleegeldip, Binipod, Martismart, Pipopot, Blurrybo, Tensiltow, Ezotrot, Hatmolil, Lindolu, Ardopu, Calopil, Dipsnip, Fufumo, Irodot, Hutpip, Jeezgo, Karshy, N'shizo, Otzo, Quorny, Runnydil, Shooty, Vud, Twertwer, Uoo, Zunny, Woahwoah, Hopshop, X-ee, Yupinator. 

that's all for the moment.


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