Sunday, February 21, 2010

Movies I like

I liked Avatar. I saw it the day after Christmas. The 3-d effects were great! I liked the sacred tree and how it was all full of light. The other thing i really liked was the flying lizard things and how they were connected to their riders. The one'ness was a vital part of the relationship.

Another movie that i can really get into is "The Matrix". I like the high tech look and the spare parts look of other parts of tech in the flick. It blows my mind that the characters in the "real world" can view the other reality by "reading" the code that slides vertically down their computer screens.

My fave movie of all time is "Independence Day". I love it when Will Smith takes down an alien ship and then shleps the smelly beast across the sand to the underground defense shelter. Great visceral release that. And of course who can resist cheering for the humans when redemption comes for the has-been alcoholic pilot when he sacrifices his life to take down the alien ship with the classic: "Up yours!"

I also think Mel Gibson was genius in "Conspiracy Theory". He was sooooo whack-o especially when they taped his eyeballs open to torment him--and then he still managed to get away injuring Patrick Stewart by biting him on the nose in the process!

I love the muppet movies. that is it. A pig, a frog, music, and Jim Henson. Awesome stuff.

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