Monday, March 22, 2010

Virtual PC

This post is all about my dream pc for home use. The information will describe both what I would like for my system in terms of functionality and style.

1. I want two or more moniters or perhaps an output via hd tv screen.  I want to be able to sit with one screen in front of me for work or play and another screen for viewing a movie or tv show at the same time.  I like movies a lot.

2. I want an ergonomic user interface.  I want the potential to use two trackball interfaces and a dedicated pointer for each moniter/right hand and left hand.  I tend to suffer from chronic pain in both arms, my neck and my shoulders.  I need to be able to switch hands at the very least, but also to explore the possibilities of a dedicated pointer for each hand to distribute the physical effort to both sides of my body.  

3. I also want to try dedicated pointers with two moniters to create a faster more efficient way to execute tasks.  I also would like to experiment with touchscreen technology and work with the moniter on my lap while the other is operating on the desktop in front of me with a movie or something like that. 

I like movies!

4. I like to take digitial pictures and edit them on the computer.  I also store my files on the hard drive.

5. I also like to use the internet pretty heavily.  I email, blog, shop, do my homework and my banking online.  I need a computer that can handle multi-tasking on the internet.
6. I also need a computer that can handle multi-tasking on the internet and my local hard drive. 

7. I want my computer to last a long time.  I want to have the resources to meet the requirements for the future.

8. I want something snazzy.  If I create this system, I want it to look original.  I think that glowing lights and different colors helps fire my creative sense in my home environment whether I am working on the computer or not.

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