Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Things that may be true if only you believe..
  • Your friends all know each other.
  • All the cats in the world are really dogs and vice versa.
  • Your mother is your mother.
  • Your hair combs itself, but is very introverted about it.
  • The dust bunnies under your bed get organized.
  • The end is in the middle.
  • Bad feelings is really the name of a sailboat and visits you often but harbors elsewhere.
  • the grinch is a crusty smile
  • A talisman is a guy in an bunny suit
  • Where have all the followers gone?  Lunge trying to grease them.
  • This all makes perfect change.
  • Delete is a club for single lutes.
  • Prosper your phones and drug your dialogue
  • Hell is the only place under is over.
  • Music makes the beast a peaceful pup who looks for someone to dance with.

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